Hi Zopists,
I would like to use ZODB3 as an object DB to store my own objects. At
the beginning, I will make any text UI but later I want to put my
objects into a ZOPE Folder and store them inside ZOPE ZODB (Zope will
serve as GUI). Generaly I have 2 types of objects:

Container - object with some attributes and methods which can collect
other objects (also Containers)
Item - an object with some attributes and methods which can not collect
any other objects but can be contained in Container

My questions are:

1. Does anybody know what the essential Zope classes from which I have
to inherit are? Of course I know the Persistent is essential for both of
them but don't know whether it is sufficient for future import of my own
ZODB as a part of Zope ZODB.

2. Does anybody know how to import my own ZODB (*.fs file) into Zope

I don't need to have any tabs in the web browser connected with my
objects I only need possibility to store these objects inside Zope and
call their methods. 
Please can anybody react on this it is very important to me, it is my
project and I want to use ZODB. 

WBR, Petr
Petr Knápek
NEXTRA Czech Republic, s.r.o., Veveří 102, 659 10 Brno, Czech Republic
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