Petru Paler:

This is the embodiment of my MutliFileStorage thingy on Jim's ZODB Wiki.  I
droped it (Never picked it up) when Mountable Storage was announced.  I'll
create a ReierFS partition some time this week and try it out.  Excellent!

>           Hello all,
>    You probably saw my yesterday post with the first alpha of
> ReiserStorage. One of the questions that people tend to ask about it is
> wheter they can use it without reiserfs.
>    There are two problems with not using reiserfs:
> 1. ReiserStorage (now renamed to DirectoryStorage) stores each object in a
> separate file and *all* the files in a single directory. This was done in
> order to let the filesystem what it was meant to do: store and retrieve
> files quickly. While reiserfs is *extremely* good at this (it uses a btree
> to store directory entries), most other filesystems do linear searches
> when finding a file so performance is very bad when you have many files in
> a single directory.
>    This problem can be solved by splitting files into multiple directories
> when not using reiserfs. This would add a little overhead but it is
> tolerable.
> 2. Waste of space. Typical block-allocation filesystems like ext2 and FAT
> will waste alot of space in the usage pattern of DirectoryStorage.
> ReiserFS packs small files together in the btree, so it solves the
> problem, but I have no ideea how this could be fixed easyly on the other
> fs's.
> Comments ? Suggestions ?
> PS: a new DirectoryStorage release will be done today, with bugfixes and
> new features.
> -Petru
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