OK, been debugging the PTK problem with DTML Documents, as noted in the
PTK list. I thought I would jump over here to get some more
eyes/suggestions/etc. (Bug 81 in the PTK Tracker IIRC)

I have narrowed the problem down tothe following situation:

When in a Portal, a DTML Document calling a DTML Method (specifically,
standard_html_header) is not finding getPortal. If you either include
the guilty calls into the document it works. It also works if you wrap
it up like this:

<dtml-with "getPortal()">
 <dtml-var standard_html_header>
</dtml-with getPortal>

Of course, as was pointed out, if your standard_html_header needs to do
work based upon where you are calling it from, this will not really help

So, I have concluded that the bug lies in the aquisition machinery,
which I have not yet played much with yet. So, any Aquisition Priests
want to make suggestions, pose questions, etc.?

Note, I have also tried passing in the namespace, but no dice there,

(On that note, Aquisition might be a good Chat...)

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