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If one of them solves it, we'll try to figure out why. :-)


"R. David Murray" wrote:
> Hmm.  No takers the first time.
> Quick review: python product, product instantiates a DTML method
> and tries to assign it a proxy role.  Proxy role gets assigned,
> but a 'manager' account can no longer access the method, though
> superuser can.  Zope 2.1.6.
> I played with the product some more, moving some stuff around, and
> this time when I instantiated it, the proxy role no longer seems
> to be working (I get a login box when I try to dereference the
> method).  The manager/superuser behavior is the same.
> The folder is created using newWampumboxF = Folder().  Then a
> method named processCCTrans is added to this folder using a
> manage_addDocument call.  That obviously works fine.  I then try
> to add the proxy role by doing the following:
> x=newWampumboxF.processCCTrans
> x._proxy_roles=('Manager',)
> newWampumboxF.processCCTrans=x
> It seems to me from my reading of the code that this should be
> equivalent to what manage_proxy does, though obviously
> without the through-the-web security checks.  But the end
> result is a DTML method that I can only view as superuser,
> but that has Manager checked in its 'proxy' management screen
> (as well as a perfectly normal appearing security page).
> Any guesses?  Any suggestions for experiements to run, even?

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