OK, I finally dug far enough through the list archives to find a 
suggestion that worked.  My old Zope had lots of products installed. 
I wasn't using a lot of them, so I didn't install them into the new 
Zope.  To solve the problem, I had to delete from the database the 
products that were no longer installed.  To be able to delete 
ZDiscussions (I think it was), I had to actually copy Products/ZDBase 
into the new installation.  Then I could delete the products that 
depended on it.

Now that the database no longer refers to products which are no 
longer installed, all is well.

I seem to remember a comment somewhere, saying that this was on DC's 
radar as something to fix.  Please :-)



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I just updated from Zope 2.0.1 to 2.1.6.  All of the Python-based 
products I was using previously have been migrated successfully.

But I have a number of products that I created with ZClasses.  I can 
examine these products in the control panel, and everything is there 
and looks fine, but all of these classes' object instances are 
broken.  I get this message when clicking on one in the management 

"This object is broken because the unknown product that created it is 
no longer installed or is installed incorrectly. Please contact your 
product vendor for assistance."

"Note that the data associated with this product has not been lost, 
and will be accessible again if the product is reinstalled."

I'll keep digging for documentation I may have missed, but I'd really 
appreciate some help.

(would appreciate copies by private email as I am on the digest)

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