Thomas Weholt wrote:
> Have anybody compared Zope to Roxen? Midgard? Or similar products? I saw
> Roxen had document revision system, a thing I "reported missing" earlier in
> this list.

While Zope may not have that, it does have versions and undo. More 
version control facilities would indeed be nice to see, however.
People are working on that, I think (but haven't tracked this).

> It also had full support for XML 1.0 and XSLT 1.0 or at least
> that`s what they claimed.

I *have* tracked this issue, and if you want to, subscribe to 
[EMAIL PROTECTED], and look at the Zope-XML wiki. Currently Zope
already has XMLDocument, which offers DOM access to XML documents (though
the DOM compliance is not entirely complete). What is being worked on is
a new XMLDocument, integration of XSLT (and XPath) (the 4Suite), and
even more revolutionary; a full integration of the Zope object model
with the XML object model, so that you can use XML tools on Zope data
and vice versa.

All this is still in the design and prototype phase, but we're looking
at something very powerful indeed in the mid future.



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