Brian Lloyd wrote:
> > Well.... since my product *does* use the SQL class, and the SQL class
> > uses the DA class, and the DA class uses cStringIO, I guess
> > *technically* I am using it.  We create SQL methods then store them as
> > properties of the class.  This may be what it's choking on.
> It shouldn't be - SQLMethods don't ever actually assign a StringIO
> to anything but transient variables. The Results object returned
> from a query could in some cases wrap a StringIO instance - you don't
> do anything in your product where Results objects would be stored
> as object attributes do you? If this were a problem common to all
> SQLMethod objects then I would expect people to be seeing this error
> all over the place. Is anyone else seeing this?

No, although we do have a class that we use to wrap around some of the
results that we sometimes return instead of the results themselves. 
I'll try taking that out and see if that's the problem.

> If you're not storing Results anywhere, it would be helpful to see
> the str() of the 'state' being dumped in commit() - also to know
> what database adapter/version you are using...

Here are the contents of 'state':
{'testID': <sqlCatalog instance at 860e7e0>, '_objects': ({'meta_type':
'SQL Product 
Catalog', 'id': 'testID'},)}

We're using ZMySQLDA v1.1.3.

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