Martijn Faassen writes:
 > We've been experiencing some odd interactions between the ZCatalog and
 > acquisition. Inside the <dtml-in catalog ..> tags things seem to go 
 > screwy. It's picking up the properties in the root folder instead of
 > in the subfolder (the context), where the <dtml-in catalog ..> is used. Why 
 > would this happen?
I could reproduce this in Zope 2.1.6.

I can understand that the result is not what one wants, but
when I understand aquisition correct, it is in accordance
with the documentation.

  You probably get "catalog" by aquisition. The catalogs
  aquisition context is inherited to the "Result" object
  and then to the "Record" objects representing the
  lookup results.
  As I understand, a feature request to such a record
  first follows the aquisition chain of catalog
  and only then the aquicition chain that led to

 > Another odd thing that happens is that dtml-let variables appeared
 > wiped empty inside the dtml-in:
 > <dtml-let foo="'bar'">
 > <dtml-in catalog ..>
 > ....
 > <dtml-var foo>
 > ....
 > </dtml-in>
 > </dtml-let>
 > The <dtml-var foo> will display nothing. 'foo' *does* exist, but it
 > just appears to be empty.
I could not reproduce this in my Zope installation.

Do your Record objects (results of "dtml-in") have a "foo" field
(maybe inherited)?


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