Title: Re: [Zope] Please test this Zope 2.2 beta 1 ZSQLMethods fix...

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El 21/06/00, 17:25:39, Brian Lloyd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió sobre
el tema [Zope] Please test this Zope 2.2 beta 1 ZSQLMethods fix...:

> Hi all,

> Several folks have reported problems in beta 1 with SQLMethods
> having authentication problems when trying to call other SQL
> Methods. I'd like a few intrepid volunteers to try something
> for me to see if it fixes the problem. I'd like to make a 2.2
> beta 2 release tomorrow but I want to make sure this issue is
> resolved first.

> Make a backup of the file:

> lib/python/Shared/DC/ZRDB/DA.py

> in your current (beta 1) installation and replace it with the
> DA.py attached to this email, restart and let me know if the
> problem goes away.

> Thanks!

> Brian Lloyd        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Software Engineer  540.371.6909
> Digital Creations  http://www.digicool.com

It seems to work properly. But all the old ZSQL methods are converted
to folders and you must create the ZSQL methods another time. The
folders that appear aren't accesible and displays the error “Resource
not found”.

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