Title: RE: [Zope-dev] Another bug in DA.py?

After trying this with version 2.2.0b2 I became the following result: Error, Unauthorized, NoBrains

> If I try the following ZSQL method it displays de authorization


> <dtml-let Cl="get_Cliente(N_='22606')[0]">

> select * from Cliente where N_='22606'

> </dtml-let>

> but if I try the next ZSQL method it displays the correct result (the

difference is the > > > integer index in the first line):

> <dtml-let Cl="get_Cliente(N_='22606')">

> select * from Cliente where N_='22606'

> </dtml-let>

> As you can see the "dtml-let" isn't usefull, but this is a simplified


> For reference here is the get_Cliente ZSQL method:

> select * from Cliente where <dtml-sqltest N_ type=string>

> Very simple.

> Thank you in advance.

Juan -

This is due to a missing declaration in the Results and Record objects

returned by SQL Methods. It is fixed in beta 2 (which I hope to release

by tomorrow at the latest).


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