This new beta has fixed some problems for me and the documentation on
the new security model for products has really helped...

However, I seem to be getting errors in previously (2.1.6) dtml
try/except structures.
1. <dtml-except> now seems to die unless there's an error_type parameter
(I usually don't need them...) - presumably a new buglet?

2. <dtml-try><dtml-var "fooZSQL"></dtml-try> doesn't catch exceptions in
SybaseDA connected ZSQL method fooZSQL anymore?? I'm pretty sure this is
a change from 2.1.6 behaviour - and a change for the worse IMHO - it's
very useful to be able to expect a try/except structure to trap ALL

Could some kind soul confirm that it's not just me so I can pop this
into the collector please?

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