I tried creating a zclass that had a property sheet with a selection type,
which i had reference a property of a given name.  I then went to the 
root folder in zope and created that property as a lines type.  When
i created an instance of my zclass though, it said "no value for given_name".
To fix this i changed the OFS/properties.dtml file to use the same syntax
as the properties.dtml in z2.1:

  <dtml-elif "type=='selection'">
    <dtml-if "_.has_key(select_variable)">
    <select name="<dtml-var id>">
      <dtml-in "_[select_variable]">

It used to use hasProperty and getProperty methods.  I'm not entirely sure
why they were used, or what they are suppose to do differently, but it
doesn't seem to work.


Scott Parish

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