It is not Zope-related, but pretty good. Integrate its engine with Zope
- and voila!

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Thomas Weholt wrote:
> Wouldn`t Zope as a web-database integrator benefit from a feature like
> full-text searching? ( Everybody answers yes and nods. )
> It seems as if Zope is aimed at information-publishing, using a RDBMS as
> source for that information. An initiative from the Zope community to
> either create products that support this using the most common RDBMS,
> support these features in database-adapters if the RDBMS supports it and/or
> create documentation
>  ( HowTos/Tips ) on how to build a simple full-text searching, give ideas,
> overviews etc, would make Zope a more viable solution for
> information-publishing.
> My reason for asking this is that I`m trying to sell OpenSource to my
> co-workers, show that Open can be just as good as any commercial,
> Closed-Sourced alternative. When I said that
> full-text searching wasn`t running out-of-the-box I was laughed at. The
> solution used in my company is Windows 2000 server, MS SQL 7.0 and
> SiteServer/MS IIS. To compete with this
> full-text searching is a must. I used PostgreSQL 7.0.2 with Zope and
> PostgreSQL has a c-library for full-text searching included in the source.
> If we could get this to work with Zope we would
> be a bit closer. 
> I`m going to dive into this, so if somebody wants to help, has tips or
> whatever, please feel free to email me.

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