It has been suggested in the past that the cataloging machinery in Zope
should be able to index the results of SQL methods.  This would be one
way to approach the problem, although it is not ideal because the
information in the RDMBS may change independently of the ZCatalog which
indexes it.  It would be ideal if someone were to think about this
problem really hard, and perhaps come up with some ideas of how the
problem could be solved.  This probably belongs in a Wiki somewhere.

RDBMS systems are not particularly good at full-text searching to begin
with (I'm not quite sure how SQL Server handles this, Oracle requires
something like Intermedia, an add-on package).  Zope does a pretty darn
good job at full-text searching attributes and method results of objects
in the ZODB.  It's transparent to the application as well.  Most RDMBS
system full-text search facilities require... thought.  ZCatalog really
doesn't most of the time, it just works.  It would be nice to have this
kind of transparency for full-text searching of RDBMS systems as well.

> > My reason for asking this is that I`m trying to sell 
> OpenSource to my
> > co-workers, show that Open can be just as good as any commercial,
> > Closed-Sourced alternative. When I said that
> > full-text searching wasn`t running out-of-the-box I was 
> laughed at. The
> > solution used in my company is Windows 2000 server, MS SQL 7.0 and
> > SiteServer/MS IIS. To compete with this
> > full-text searching is a must. I used PostgreSQL 7.0.2 with Zope and
> > PostgreSQL has a c-library for full-text searching included 
> in the source.
> > If we could get this to work with Zope we would
> > be a bit closer. 
> > 
> > I`m going to dive into this, so if somebody wants to help, 
> has tips or
> > whatever, please feel free to email me.
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