>RDBMS systems are not particularly good at full-text searching to begin
>with (I'm not quite sure how SQL Server handles this,

AFAIK SQL Server uses MS Index Server for this.

> Oracle requires
>something like Intermedia, an add-on package).  Zope does a pretty darn
>good job at full-text searching attributes and method results of objects
>in the ZODB.  It's transparent to the application as well.  Most RDMBS
>system full-text search facilities require... thought.  ZCatalog really
>doesn't most of the time, it just works.  It would be nice to have this
>kind of transparency for full-text searching of RDBMS systems as well.

I remember I once saw a mention of ZCatalog being able to index the records
of a dbms, when they were traversable through the web because it made no
difference between object and record properties (both being accessible
through a URL). Was this false information, or was I just dreaming?


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