On Fri, Jun 23, 2000 at 07:49:21PM -0400, Jon Franz wrote:
> Also, its not XML compliant either, but I have a shorter dtml syntax patch
> available for download at:
> http://www.zope.org/Members/Coventry/dtml_shortcut
> it is a really small patch, and just allows <: to replace <dtml- or <!--#
> inside your documents, such as in the snippet below:
> <:var foo>
> <:if expr="la=lala">
> So you think la and lala are the same!?
> <:else>
> Ah, so you see a diffrence!
> </:if>

I like this syntax; I'm in favour of adding it to a future
version of Zope (2.2.1?).

Except that your patch says it's GPLed, and GPL code cannot be
added to a ZPL product; please re-release as ZPL (I'm all in
favour of GPL, but this is not a good case for it :-) )

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