Hi folks,

I'm using ZTopic.

One thing I've noticed about the management interface is that, although
an appropriate tab is highlighted when you click that tab, if you go to
a subsequent screen, often "contents" will erroneously become the
highlighted tab.

This is causing problems as I explain to non-technical folk how to use
ZTopics. I say "select the contents tab", and they say "but the contents
tab **is** selected!".

I have a fix for this, but the real problem is in the logic of

<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('a_', 0)">
<dtml-in manage_options mapping>
<dtml-if expr="URL[-(_.len(action)):]==action or
                URL[-17:]=='/manage_workspace' and _['sequence-start']">
<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('a_', _['sequence-index'])">

Here, the variable 'a_' represents the "active" tab. If the last part of
the URL matches one of the manage_options of the current object, then
that tab will be the highlighted one. Otherwise, the first tab will be

It should ideally be possible to tell manage_tabs what tab should be
highlighted, imperatively, when required.

However, in the absence of such a mechanism, I have changed the DTML
files in ZTopic like this:

The form searchEdit.dtml is really part of the "Search Criteria" logic,
so I want that tab highlighted. That tab's action attribute is called
"editForm". Therefore, in the file searchEdit.dtml, I replace this:

    <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" LINK="#000099" VLINK="#555555">
    <!--#var manage_tabs-->
    <p>Edit catalog search criterion number <dtml-var "index+1">
    on Catalog <strong><dtml-var catalog_id></strong>.</p>

With this:

    <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" LINK="#000099" VLINK="#555555">
    <dtml-with "_.namespace(URL='editForm')">
      <dtml-var manage_tabs>
    <p>Edit catalog search criterion number <dtml-var "index+1">
    on Catalog <strong><dtml-var catalog_id></strong>.</p>

(I modernised the <!--#var ...--> to <dtml-var ...> along the way.)

To get the full effect, you'd need to do a similar trick with the other
dtml files in ZTopic.

Any takers for a full patch?  Or, is there a better way of doing this
that I don't know about?

Steve Alexander
Software Engineer
Cat-Box limited

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