Steve and Shane,

We've been positively *dying* to have cvs or cvs-like functionality. It's
one of those things where we left the unix-everything-is-a-file-idiom and
went, "Oh, um, heh, now what?" =)

We have been making do with Version objects instead, which are far more
rcs-like (exclusive locking, no merging) and not really good when we want
to give 2 different people 2 different medium-to-long term projects for
adding things to the site. Imagine, one adds something to / and / gets
version-locked now, so the other person can't even add things to /

Anyways, enough of that. Point being, we want our site coders to be able
to do a sandbox (much like Version essentially provides, if possible, ie
transparent rather than explicitly located somewhere else) where they can
develop stuff and the ability to only check certain things in, and the
ability to do merges, etc. If we couldn't do the development transparently
on the production server, and we had to have developers running zope on
their workstations and pull from the cvs repository there, that'd be
alright too though I guess.

How much of this is provided for now or planned on being provided for by
this product? And, what can we do to help? I don't know that we have any
bodies we can sick on this, but I'd love to get together with you guys and
get some of the things that need to be done up on Cosource so that
organizations interested in having this can throw money at it, and so that
people (you guys included) who might have trouble finding the time to work
on it can have a little incentive. =)


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