ZScheduler Version 0.0.7 Date: 2000/07/02

 1. Fixed a bug that caused ZEvents to execute in the wrong context.

 2. If the action method of a ZEvent raises an error, a traceback is written
in the log.

 3. Added a Trigger tab to the management screen for ZEvents which fires the
event in the same context that the Dispatcher does, but without regard to
the schedule. This helps immensely in debugging the DTML in the ZEvent.

I've tested on:
   Win98 Zope 2.2.0b3
   Solaris 2.6 Zope 2.1.4
   Linux ?.? Zope 2.1.3

On the Linux configuration (my account at CodeIt Computing), most features
work; however, the new Trigger tab does not behave correctly. Though the
ZEvent method eventually executes correctly, it doesn't return anything to
the client and Zope seems to lock up temporarily -- that is, it doesn't
respond to other client requests. I don't have a Linux development system
with which to track this down. Any help would be appreciated.

Here's the code for the Trigger tab. Can you see anything wrong? ...or
anything Linux and Zope 2.1.3 would find wrong?

 def manage_triggerZEvent(self, client=None, REQUEST=None, RESPONSE=None,
    """For use by the Trigger tab on ZEvent management page.
    Use for testing the ZEvent in a context that mimics that of Dispatcher.
    furl=string.join((aurl, 'trigger'), '/')
    (headers,response)=Client.call(furl) # Fire event

Otherwise, ZScheduler is looking good. Let me know how it works for you.


-- Thanks
-- Loren

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