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> Hi all. I've got an idea of something I'm trying to implement, and I'm
> wondering if the concept is of use to anyone else.

> I've got an Intranet up in PTK. (What a shock, as I'm posting here. :) )
> I'm slowly getting people to use it for internal collaboration, et al.
> But the main things people are wanting to do are internal to their own
> department, with some overlap. So you've got:

> +PTKRoot
>  |
>  +-Members
>  | +-John
>  | +-Sue
>  |
>  +-Marketing
>  +-Technology

> Say John is in Technology and Sue is in Marketing. What I want is for
> John to have Contributor rights in the context of Technology, and Sue in
> Marketing, i.e. John adds a News Item and Publishes it. It shows up in
> Technology but not Marketing.

> I thought about creating a Technolgy Item ("Release Notes") and a
> Marketing one ("Press Release") and then just having a catalog search on
> the meta-type of each in the appropriate folder's index_html and give
> them all Contributor. But that strikes me as unclean. It would be nice to
> have anyone be able to create a Press Release or Release Notes, but only
> have them published in their department's context, and merely pending in
> others.

> Am I making any sense at all? Does anyone see either a need for doing
> this or a way to do it? If it requires changes to PTK core, would anyone
> be interested in those, or should I throw them in my pile of dirty little
> secrets that no one should really know exist?

> Thanks,
> Monty

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