Can anybody tell me, what the 'dp=1' attribute in the _delObject methods of
the ObjectManager (OFS/ObjectManager.py) and ZClassMethodsSheet
(ZClasses/Method.py) Class are for?
I haven't found any method call, where dp is set and the methods themselves
don't use it aswell.

I would like to use it as a switch for (not) calling the manage_beforeDelete
method, when the _delObject method is called by
CopySupport.manage_renameObject and CopySupport.manage_pasteObject. In these
cases, manage_beforeDelete would not be called. To me that seems to be
correct, because during a cut-paste and a rename operation the Objects are
not really deleted, they are just temporarily taken out of the object-tree
and then inserted again.
Are there any problems with that? Or is 'dp' used for another purpose in an
older or a newer version of Zope (I use Zope 2.1.6)?

-OFS/ObjectManager.py-line 277---------
    def _delObject(self, id, dp=1):
        if dp:
            object.manage_beforeDelete(object, self)
        self._objects=tuple(filter(lambda i,n=id: i['id']!=n,

-OFS/CopySupport.py-line 225 and 259---
                ob.aq_parent._delObject(id, 0)



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