It seems to me that the problem here is in appearance. Although it seems 
that you're aquiring an index_html or searchResults in those cases, they 
are actually instantiated in scope just like anything else you'd add 
inside that particular object, you just can't see them.

So you have two choices. Sub-class Tracker or Squishdot and override that 
way. OR 
Make a folder that contains the overridden methods and call things 
through the context of that folder. 

In the case of what it seems you want to do I'd say sub-classing is going 
to be your real answer.

Hope  that helps...

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On 7/10/00, 4:11:08 PM, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote regarding 
[Zope-dev] Overriding a method in an instance.:

> Hi,

> I guess this should be a feature request for the collector but I thought
> I'd see what other people thought first...

> I'd really like to be able to override methods in an instance of an
> object. Examples I can think of are Squishdot and the Tracker.

> In Squishdot, or any ZCatalog for that matter, it'd be great to override
> searchResults to return what I want, formatted how I want.

> In Tracker, the same could be said for index_html.

> These may be bad examples, but hopefully you see what I mean...

> Anyway, if you do try to override, you get a 'This id is already in use'
> error. How do you get around it and how should this problem be solved?

> cheers,

> Chris

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