Chris Withers wrote:
> Chris Withers wrote:
> > Steve Alexander wrote:
> > > > Do you know if objects in PARENTS are acquisition wrapped?
> > > I'm pretty sure that they are.
> >
> > They are indeed, in fact, pretty much everything is :(
> > The only way to check if o is in PARENTS appears to be:
> > if o.aq_base in map (lambda o : o.aq_base,PARENTS):
> Hmm, is there anyway the Acquisition ExtensionClass(right thing? I'm not
> too hot here ;-) could be altered such that, if r1 and r2 are two
> different acquisition wrappers for the same object that:
> r1 == r2 and r1 in [r2,x,y]
> would return true?

Yes. I think that this would be a great idea.

Note that if r1 implements __cmp__, then it is called.
This means that you could implement the proposed behavior now

  def __cmp__(self, o):
     return cmp(
        id(getattr(self, 'aq_base', self)), 
        id(getattr(o, 'aq_base', self))

It also means that (with the proposed change) that '=='
will only be equivalent to an identity comparison if
an object doesn't define comparison.  In most cases, however,
this shouldn't be a problem.

> It might be best to leave (r1 is r2) returning false as it does now so
> that you can actually tell if things aren't what you expected ;-)

Good, because there's no hook to override 'is'.

> PS: This question is still worrying me :(
> > 2. Is there any case where a Zope object isn't going to have a .aq_base
> >    attribute?

Sure. There is no guarentee that all objects are wrapped.

A common idiot for dealing with this is getattr(o, 'aq_base', o).
So your example above would become:

  if getattr(o, 'aq_base', o) in map (
     lambda o : getattr(o, 'aq_base', o),

I've considered implementing the aquisition attributes in
the Implicit and and explict base classes, which would probably
be a good idea.


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