Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Here's the logic: ExternalMethod sets up func_* attributes so it can
> masquerade as a function.  The trick works well enough to convince
> ZPublisher's mapply() to pass in a "self" argument as the first
> argument when needed.

What 'self' does mapply pass? I always though it would be the object
being rendered (the one that would appear before PARENTS[0] in PARENTS
if such a thing were possible ;-) but it appears to in fact be

...which seems silly

So, apparently I have to pass this() to my external method to find out
what object I'm working on, which is a shame :(

My code which prepares a list of object that are in the URL path (does
this mean the objects that have been traveresed?) now looks like:

def navTree(self,startlevel,this):
    # strip off acquisition wrappers, reverse the list... yum yum ;-)
    objects = map(lambda o : getattr(o, 'aq_base',
    objects.append(getattr(this, 'aq_base', this))

...which doesn't give quite what I want
objects[-1] should be the object getting rendered, however, for folders
getting rendered where index_html is a DTML document, it is the
index_html document.

I guess what I'm asking is, from PARENTS and this(), is there any way I
can tell when I'm rendering folder/ as opposed to folder/index_html?

If I can't, then how should I do this?



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