At 02:30 PM 7/13/00 +0100, Steve Alexander wrote:
>Steve Alexander wrote:
>> I want to combine Shane Hathaway's BTreeFolder product with ZPatterns to
>> create a "BTree folder w/ Customizer support".
>> Instead, why not make PlugInContainer a mix-in class, and have concrete
>> classes for PlugInFolder and PlugInBTreeFolder ?
>> Then, it is easy to have a CustomizerFolder and a CustomizerBTreeFolder.
>> Then again, I wouldn't mind if things stay as they are, except that
>> PlugInContainer is made to derive from BTreeFolder rather than Folder.
>> Of course, that creates a dependency that you need the BTreeFolder
>> product in order to use ZPatterns.
>Or... I could alter Shane's BTree Folder product to split it into a
>mix-in class and a usable folder class. Would that work, I wonder?

Probably.  I think the main problem you'll run into will be the UI, since
the BTreeFolder is going to probably display all its contents without
filtering out PlugIns.  You may have to do some work on that.  Other than
that, though, my guess is that a BTreeFolder mixin would layer nicely over

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