At 10:37 PM 7/13/00 +0400, Jephte CLAIN wrote:
>What I don't understand is where the properties are stored. This is not
>clear when I read the PropertyManager source. I guess property sheets
>are for grouping some related attributes, but the actual work of
>storing/retrieving the attribute is done by the attribute providers,

PropertyManager stores properties as attributes.  ZClass property sheets
generally do the same.  So the work gets done by attribute providers if
you're using DataSkins.

>- is the python programmer have to mix PropertyManager in with DataSkin
>to use property sheets? I guess so, but what, I seem to be the only one
>who use zpatterns directly from python. All the ZClass junkies out there
>do have all the mixin classes ready even before they start :-)

If you're doing it from Python and you just want one property sheet, then
the answer is yes.  If you want multiple propertysheets, you need
propertysheet objects and/or a sheet provider.

>- I sometimes have a dataskin that is willing to get something from its
>context. What is the preferred way to do this: try to acquire the
>attribute from self._v_rack, wich is guaranteed to be wrapped in the
>specialist's context, or just mix Acquisition.Implicit in with DataSkin?

DataSkins *are* Acquisition.Implicit already; there should be nothing you
need to do.  (Yes, I know they don't inherit from it, but that is because
they have an alternative implmentation of the __of__ method which is
functionally equivalent to that in Implicit, with some extra handling
needed by DataSkins.)

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