Stephan Richter wrote:
> I have a pretty big site with quiet a big database (PostGreSQL) in the
> background. When a site loads I can tell that after about 5 seconds the
> site is ready to download. The site downloads quickly thereafter if I am on
> a T1, DSL or Cable Modem connection. But since most of our users have 28.8k
> and 56k modem connection, we have to optimize for them too.
> When accessing the site over a modem, it takes a long time to load the site
> and then it pops up all at once (in IE (AOL) and Netscape). Is there a way
> that I can send parts of the HTML as it is generated, so that the customer
> starts seeing information before the entire site is loaded. 

At the HTML level, are your pages in one big table? If so, Netscape will
often need to wait until the whole contents of the table is downloaded
before attempting to render it.

To get around this, you need to specify the size of just about
**everything** in the table.

I think it is the same with IE too. Mozilla doesn't have that problem,
with its incremental layout.

Can you see the stream of data coming if you telnet to your server and
type GET / HTTP/1.0 or whatever? Is it just that the rendering is slow
because some part of the page is slow to load?

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