This is an excellent bug analysis.  I suggest that we create a new
PyCallable_Check function that works in the presence of wrappers,
perhaps called PyCallable_CheckW().  If it is placed in Acquisition.c
then cDocumentTemplate.c will have to #include "Acquisition.h".  Then
we need to replace PyCallable_Check in probably more than just


Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Recently, several posters have reported strange "AttributeError __call__"
> exceptions.
> The most precise was a report by Oleg Broytmann:
>    /index_html                          DTML Document
>       <dtml-var standard_html_header>
>    /standard_html_header                DTML Method
>       <dtml-with sub></dtml-with>
>    /sub                                 Folder
>   When he calls "/sub/index_html", he gets this
>   "AttributeError __call__" for "sub".
>   He observed the problem on Zope 2.1.4 and 2.2a4.
> I partially analysed this problem report under Zope 2.1.6:
>   In "MM_cget", "sub" is retrieved as an "ImplicitAcquirerWrapper"
>   (correct).
>   In line 373, however, "PyCallable_Check(sub)" returned "1",
>   which is probably wrong, because a folder is not callable.
>   The "ImplicitAcquirerWrapper"'s "tp_call" mislead
> "PyCallable_Check".
>   In line 376, the attribute "py_isDocTemp" is looked up
>   and succeeds. Therefore, the folder "sub" is seen as
>   a Document Template, which definitely is not true.
>   The following call fails because it arrives at CallMethodO in
>   "Acquisition.c:119" which looks for a non-excisting "__call__" method.
> Dieter

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