Shane Hathaway wrote:
> > Can you see any weirdities that might occur from having an object as an
> > attribute of more than one object manager / folder?
> The recursion problem, for one.  

Hmmm, how much of Zope would need changing to use the visitor interface?

> Also, if you change the object in one
> place, it will also get changed in the other, which may not be the
> expected behavior.

Nope, that's exactly the desired and expected behaviour :-)

What about Zope's deleting machinery? The desired effect is similar to a
refcount, the object only gets deleted when all references to it have
been deleted...

> You could also do soft links like this (I bet this actually works :-)
> ):
> class SoftLink (SimpleItem):
>   def __init__(self, path):
>     self.path = path
>   def __of__(self, parent):
>     ob = self.restrictedTraverse(self.path)
>     return getattr(ob, 'aq_base', ob).__of__(parent)
> ... but once again, changes made in one place would cause changes in
> the other.  And then there are security considerations: how should the
> security behave if two users with different roles want to access/change
> the object?

How does it work in Unix? (that seems to be a good baseline :-)

> > PS: Do you know the answer to my &dtml.url-; question I asked earlier?
> I couldn't find your question.  :-(

Urg.. it was on [EMAIL PROTECTED], sorry :-S

Basically, can you do &dtml.url-/folder/object/method; yet?



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