>       I've reviewed the introduction to the fishbowl process 
> and its description of creating a project proposal wiki 
> document and such, and the full process a project should 
> take.  However, I have 2 very small but useful additions 
> to Zope I wish to make.  Both additions are already available 
> for download on zope.org - and have been tested extensively.  
> However, the larger of the two changes is perhaps 80 lines of 
> code.  It seems cumbersome, to me at least, to go through 
> this whole process of "Inception, Elaboration, Construction, 
> and Transition" for small code snippets which are already 
> created and tested... So, my question is, could a side-line 
> process be created for the integration of already existent, 
> tested, and somewhat small, code changes?  
> <snip>
> Please keep in mind that I am not trying to be critical,
> nor am I attempting to change the fishbowl process for normal
> projects - I only wish a parallel process to exist for very
> small changes, so that the changes are not forgotten or passed
> up.

Hi Jon - 

You are correct that we need something featherweight for 
very specific features/changes. I know that it's not 
optimal, but for right now the process for things like 
this is to add a feature request (preferably w/patch) 
to the collector. 

My hope is that some of the other things going on will 
allow us to be better about getting to those things. I 
expect to still try to get the community involved in 
those small decisions (voting, etc. on the dev list). 

Hopefully that will be good enough to hold us for a 
little while - I'm open to feedback on how we might 
improve this (though for the immediate near term I 
prefer to focus the bulk of effort on working out 
kinks in the process for larger projects).

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