This is pretty nice... the current Zope help system does something
vaguely similar (at a less granular level) inasmuch as Product
developers can associate help pages with views or with arbitrary other
topics.   It might make sense for us to build a hook in the help system
whereby developers could easily register new homogenous help pages for
method definitions level by calling:

helpsystem.addMethodHelpTopic(productname, filename, classname,
methodname, description)

or something even simpler like:

helpsystem.addMethodHelpTopic(productname, methodobject)

...which introspected on the method object and "did the right thing".

This would be a pretty cool feature, IMHO.  I think we're at a stopping
point in the development of help system stuff, but I'd definitely add
this to the docs wiki at if
you're interested in seeing something like this in there... or, of
course, you could start a small project on to get it

Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
> I've been playing around with the ACS a bit lately. Its got one feature
> which i would desparately like to see in zope. namely that every ACS
> server is self documenting with regards to all of its methods. to see it
> in an action check out
> this documentation is generated on startup of the server for all
> available functions which make a call to a function proc_doc.
> i looked at the existing python code auto documentors and the one i saw
> that looked the best was
> (at the bottom of the page)
> for documenting live objects. it could use some modifiying to generate
> zope objects which would get cataloged and also to include a
> functions/modules source.
> does anyone think that this would be a good resource to have in zope.
> searchable docs for developers on their servers of all the Zope Internal
> Python Code and the Code for all the installed Products?
> Kapil
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