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>"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
>> Just comment, please, preferably in e-mail via Zope-dev.
>> Thanks.
>Generally very clear and helpful. Tomorrow, I'll try it out on someone
>who hasn't been looking at ZPatterns a great deal, and see what she gets
>from it.


>A few suggestions. I feel sad that these seem to come across as
>criticisms. Really, I'm very glad that you've found some time to work on
>more accessible documentation.

Hm.  Well, your comments have convinced me that 1) I'm not really qualified
to write good beginner docs, and 2) I shouldn't try to combine a design
document with beginner documentation in any event.  :)

Probably the doc needs to be split into seperately focused documents for
"What are DataSkins (for)?" and "How do they work?".  I was trying to
capture all the things that happen in the interactions between DataSkins
and their primary collaborators in order to have that documentation later.
Unfortunately, a lot of that "how" detail is extraneous to the "how do I"
and "why" questions.

Probably as written, the doc is more useful as an introduction to ZPatterns
innards than it is as an intro to ZPatterns itself.

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