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From: "Jim Sanford" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> We have no http access to our site.
> It is a corporate Client Relationship Management, Job Tracking and Order
Processing, Production and Tracking system that is accessed
> from all over the world.
> I will send this to the list to see if any one else can provide help.
> From: Loren Stafford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> >  From: "Jim Sanford" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > URL:
> > ZScheduler uses
> >
> > Would it be correct to say that if my entire site is only accessible via
> SSL (https) that ZScheduler will not work?
> I hadn't thought about this before, so you probably know more about it
> I do. But given that the python lib that uses for http
> ( doesn't support https, then you're right.
> Solutions?
> 1. Permit http traffic to your site if it comes fromt the same IP and is
> URLs that end in "/trigger". I suppose that IP spoofing makes this
> of a security hole. How bad?
> 2. Enhance either or to support at least enough https
> to get the job done. I know nothing about this. Is it reasonably doable?
> there a Zopista willing and able to do it?
> 3. ....?
> -- Loren

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