At 08:07 PM 7/30/00 +0100, Steve Alexander wrote:
>Steve Alexander wrote:
>> I'm using ZPatterns 0.4.1snap1.
>> line 377
>> method _v_currentSheets(self,_v_dm_=_v_dm_)
>>     l.extend(list(sp._PropertySheetsFor(client)))
>> However, the variable "client" isn't declared elsewhere.
>..and when I replace it with "self", I get this error when I try to
>iterate through a dataskin's propertysheets:

Would you try something for me?  Stick a routine in that class, call it
getCurrentSheets(), with exactly the same code as the _v_currentSheets
method, then call it from your code in place of iterating through
propertysheets?  I have a feeling it'll provide a clearer error message.
(That's the only problem with ComputedAttributes - errors that break them
manifest as AttributeErrors, hiding the true error.)  Thanks.

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