OK, so I have been playing with ZPatterns quite a bit lately.

And some old (current) issues with PTK comes back to mind.

Among them are:
 o Not all portals will want a user to have a folder
 o username is not changeable

With ZPatterns, I believe we can solve the first one. 

First things first, the first one. :)

 On the Membership Add form, there be an option for user folders. If set, this option
would install a trigger. This trigger would then, upon creation of a new user, fire 
off a
MakeMemberFolder (that name is just a placeholder) method that would handle the 
of their folder. Of course, this is secondary in priority to getting some user 
tools available, IMO.

Now, something to remember, is that the lack of a user folder does not neccesarily
elminate the capability of a user to contribute to the community site information base;
though that is desireable for some sites. Through use of ZTopics, ZPatterns-based 
and ZCatalog, one can build a site that stores types of content in it's own place, and
provide a variable interface, for both browsing, and user management. I am actually
working on a site built like this, so I know it is do-able. :)

Thoughts, Opinions?


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