Alexander Schad wrote:
> > Alex, Oracle 8i broke DCOracle's support for LOBs; DCOracle primarily
> > uses OCI 7 (Oracle 7) calls, and Oracle 8i enforces a restriction that
> > OCI 8 objects cannot be used in the context of an OCI 7 statement.
> >
> > You can use Oracle 8.0 for this, the restriction isn't enforced until
> > Oracle 8.1.
> >
> Hello!
> thank you for your answer. but does that mean that i can only use LOBS
> with Oracle 8.0 ?
> i'm confused. i need to use LOBs. if i use oracle 8.1 can i use LOBS and
> if yes which Databse adapter do i need?

If your database adapter is 8.0 you can probably use LOBs, if
the adapter is 8.1 you probably can't.  I never mix and match
adatpters vs. databases, though, so your mileage my vary.  By
this I mean, you could use 8.0 libraries to access an 8.1
database via SQL*NET.  I *think* the error is actually being
raised at the library level, not the server itself.

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