I'm developing, in python, some classes whose instances to be 
published by Zope, one of which is folder-like, i.e. is can contain 
instances. I want HTTP PUT requests which will create new object 
instances within instances of this folder-like class to be handled by 
a PUT function I define. I cannot identify the "right" way to do 
this, or at least a way which doesn't involve hacking the standard 
Zope code to have my PUT function handle the operation.

The normal behaviour of Zope appears to be to create an instance of 
the NullResource  class and call the PUT function on that. This then 
proceeds to create a DTMLDocument, Image or File instance which is 
not what I need to happen; I want to have instances of one of my own 
classes created instead.

Any advice appreciated especially if I'm missing something obvious.

btw am I alone in struggling to understand the python classes 
underlying Zope's operation and how these classes work/ineract? I've 
read a lot of source code but still feel I have only the vaguest 
grasp of the theory of operation of the whole thing. Ho hum.
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