I think I have a decent handle on this concept, but something seems lacking, I hope
someone can clear it up :)

So, let us say I have an object, call it a Member. :)
And let us say I want to be able to add a property sheet to it in a 
AIUI, I should be able to add a persistent sheet provider, give it the name I want for 
sheet, and define the sheet?

Geex, the more I write what I want to do, the less I feel I grasp it. :(

Basically, let me put it this way:
I have DataSkins (ZClasses). I have one or two property sheets that I want most/all of 
DS objects to have. I don't want to have to define the property sheet in each and every
ZClass. AIUI, PersistentSheet providers can do this. I want to do it with the default
ZPatterns/LoginManager includes.

So, am I totally clueless, or am I just looking to hard, and missing something 

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