Tom Deprez writes:
 > The Acq_perm column doesn't exists. Assume that acquisition of a permission
 > is always Active. The checkboxes of the role show their actual value
 > (according to the acquisition). Thus if permissionA is checked in the
 > parent-object, permissionA is also checked. If you want, for a certain role
 > that this permission is not given, you uncheck permissionA. The subobject
 > will show an unchecked permissionA box (because it acquires from its
 > parent). In order to give the subobject again the permission, we only have
 > to check permissionA.

I do not like the proposal.
I want to have some information, when permissions change automatically
if something changes further up in the tree (that is what the
"Acq_perm" tells).

I would, however, like it, if the permissions had
3 values:

 * inherit              setting further up determines whether
                        the permission is granted or denied
 * explicitly grant     permission granted independent of setting
                        further up
 * explicitly denied    permission denied independent of setting
                        further up


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