"David C. Kankiewicz" wrote:
> "Jay, Dylan" wrote:
> >
> > As I said, when the url is quoted there is no problem.
> >
> > http://azonia.auslabs.lucent.com/Auslabs/AuslabsFAQ/Where%20is%20X%3f
> >
> > causes no problems. The above object is sitting happily inside Zope with a
> > question mark at the end. I had to let the bad_id check let it pass but is
> > there any reason why it shouldn't?
> bad_id=ts_regex.compile('[^a-zA-Z0-9-_~\,\. ]').search #TS
> The .search was .match
> Changing it back restores the behavior, who changed it and why is the
> question?

I don't know who changed it, but the why is obvious.
'match' was clearly a bug, since it only found an 
invalid character if it was at the beginning of an id.

I think that it's a bad idea to allow '?'s in ids
and am sorry if it was allowed. In general, I don't
like to see characters in ids that need to be quoted.
I'm not happy that ' ' was added, although 
I understand why.


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