Here is a small introduction on what I'm trying to acheive. I want to
have a simple bilingual News system on my web site, having headlines and
text in both languages. At first, I read the ZDG and then some HOW-TOs
to learn how to make ZClasses. So I created a new product, and a ZClass
inside it. I then added the following properties

1) headline_en [string]
2) headline_fr [string]
3) text_en [text]
4) text_fr [text]

        Everything works fine, expect when these include DTML instructions. For

<dtml-in "objectValues(['News Entry'])">
  <p><dtml-var text_fr></p>

        If one of the objects text_fr properties contains "<dtml-var some_var>:
Some more text", then the resulting HTML will contain contain the dtml
tag and not the rendered equivalent of "some_var". Is there a way to
include DTML tags in properties? If not, what are my other options? 

        Any comment or suggestion is very welcome.


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