Dieter Maurer writes:
 > Since this afternoon, I am fighting with ZServer.
 > ....
 > At home: Zope 2.1.6, Intel Linux 2, Linux Netscape 4.5
 >   All images are always shown correctly.
 >   However, there is no log entry in "var/Z2.log" for
 >   about 50 % of the requests that are answered by
 >   a 304 response. It is non-deterministic whether
 >   a log entry is written or not.

This is partially analysed:

 ZServer looses log entries, when its client closes the
 connection too fast.

 On my linux machine, ZServer looses all log entries, when 
 it answers requests with code 304 to a local httplib
 client that immediately deletes the reply after

 ZServer uses a "producers.hooked_producer" for logging.
 Such a producer calls its hook function when the primary
 producer runs out of data. The hook function performs
 the logging.

 When the client closes its socket immediately, then,
 probably, not all data of the producer is consumed and
 the hook function is not called --> no log entry.

The problem occurs in Zope 2.1.6 and Zope 2.2.1b1 (CVS 2000-8-19).

Apparently, the problem is not restricted to code 304.
Requests answered with code 404 (not found) seem to be
affected, too.


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