Zope 2.2 CVS checkout August 21.

I'm in the BST timezone, which is GMT+1.

All the entries in Z2.log are one hour behind where they should be. - - [23/Aug/2000:15:15:39 +0100] "POST
/fmr/mail_test/manage_edit HTTP/1.0" 200 10139
"http://zope.cat-box.net/fmr/mail_test/manage_main" "Mozilla/4.61 [en]
(WinNT; I)"

I was watching this in the log using "tail -f", and the time was 16:15

I also checked the time on the machine: 
$ date
Wed Aug 23 16:15:42 BST 2000

Something awry in the time formatting in ZServer/medusa/http_server.py

Line 260:

        def log_date_string (self, when):
                return time.strftime (
                        '%d/%b/%Y:%H:%M:%S ',
                        ) + tz_for_log

This looks wrong -- it is formatting the time for GMT, but adding on a
spurious timezone to the end. I guess time.gmtime should become

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