>Adam Karpierz wrote:
>> There is a patch for it:
>> http://classic.zope.org:8080/Collector/1540/view
>I wonder whether it'd be worth enabling people to vote on what
>patches they'd like integreated and what bugs they'd like solved in the

Sorry ChrisW but I dont understand what you mean :( ?
(probably my horrible poor english is a cause..)
I dont want enabling people, I dont want any votes.
It only was my reply for _your_ problem.
Below is my full post:

>>Adam Karpierz wrote:
>>ChrisW wrote:
>>Okay, firstly, I notice dtml-tree doesn't support the standard
>><dtml-TAG "x"> -> <dtml-TAG expr="x">
>>As the following:
>><dtml-tree "_.getitem('sequence-item',0)" branches="postingValues">
>>gives me:
>>Error Type: KeyError
>>Error Value: "_.getitem('sequence-item',0)"
>There is a patch for it:

Where you see any problems in my reply ?
I made patch earlier for my private use (likewise as _all_ other
patches posted by me) and according to your suggestion on IRC
I stuck it into collector... My post was only notification for you.

>The one for me is the ability, in effect, to shout 'Me too!' when I see
>a bug that I've experienced too.

Heh funny...
Ability for such simple and trivial things as my patches ? Experience ?
Eh... Sorry but this eventually would was true 20 years ago
when I'd started my adventure with programming of stupid computers :)
How you think ? What is my motivation to produce patches etc ?.
Answer is very simple...

>Maybe this would help filter down the
>collector or at least give anotehr way that it could be prioritised?

What way ?. It was a little bug and inconsistence it tree tag and
I dont see any better way then very simple and safe (without any
influence for compatibility) patch.

Best Regards
Adam Karpierz

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