At 09:23 PM 8/24/00 +0100, Steve Alexander wrote:
>I'm using ZPatterns 0.4.1snap1.
>The LinkToParentProviders datamanager doesn't work properly because it
>assumes that the Specialist it lives in has a _PropertySheetsFor(client)
>However, Specialists (and DataManagers) don't provide this method.
>This stops /specialist/object/propertysheets/manage from working. It
>also stops _v_currentSheets from returning all the sheets a Dataskin
>might have.
>Phillip, is this fixed in your internal version?
>If not, I'll add the method over the weekend.

Ouch.  That's not the problem.  This is fallout from making DataSkins more
"personally responsible"; the bug is in the propertysheet providers that
expect to acquire from a parent.  They need to be rewritten to work the way
dataskins do now, or else configured to find the parent providers, and
provide those instead.  :(  I'll have to take a closer look at this later.

By the way, I've been away from the list a while due to day-to-day business
concerns and travel.  I'm hoping to start the process of catching up soon,
but I saw this and since it's a bug I'm going to tackle it first before
trying to answer any other unanswered questions that might be floating
around out there.  Sorry.

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