> Hi there, I am working on a project and have been looking at the Zope  Content 
>System as part of the solution. However, I have a couple of questions. From what I 
>have seen so 
> far, the page generation is all done through the Zope Management Interface, and the 
>content of the 
> page is done through a textarea requiring the user to have knowledge of the zope 
> and HTML. With type type of solution I am looking for however, I need page content 
>to be 
> generated be users that have little or no knowledge of HTML. What I am wondering is 
>if it is 
> possible to integrate the Zope content management system with Cold Fusion as I can 
>allow users 
> with no knowledge of HTML to use an interface designed with Cold Fusion to create 
>page content. 
> I do not wish to build a content management system from scratch with Cold Fusion. 
> suggestions and/or comments would be very helpful.


If your looking for wysiwyg tools and your content managers exclusively uses
Internet Explorer 4++, I suggest you have a look at 

It's not a complete CMS solution but a vital component. At the moment it lacks support 
for images,
tables and links. Event though it can be solved by hand, it's not end-user proof.

To solve the linking and images part there's a need for a resource manager and 
resource browser
in Zope, which I been working on (ZCatalog base of cause). 

The HTML-table management problem have several possible solutions. 
I am looking at a sub-template, Zpattern-like solution, but there are 
easier ways out depending on your requirements.

With the release of Internet Explorer 5.5 Microsoft have removed the DTML Editing
Component (even if its still there it's "not supported") in favor for the DTML 
in Design Mode. The new DTML Component have some nice features as editable regions
but lacks in the html-table management when uses with Visual Basic or Scripting.
If it's used from C++ though it could be extensivly extended, and you could build 
your own Dreamweaver/FrontPage quite easily. As far as programming MFC/COM 
applications in C++ is easy.

Johan Carlsson

> Thanks
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