Two substantive comments, and some editorial ones.

You write that you are thinking of different schemes for generating
paths and ids.  I suggest one of the things you consider is whether
your scheme will work if someone cuts the ZWikiZC and pastes it
somewhere else in the tree.

I'm not sufficiently versed in the different methods you discussed to
understand their implications--they seem to involve yet more
undocumented interfaces in Zope.

Second, I think the facility for email notification of changes is
really interesting.  It seems to me that a problem with the Wiki
concept (for some uses) is that they are very difficult to monitor for
changes.  Sending email, perhaps combined with diff, could help with

Editorial comments:

"Summary" is spelled with an "a" (not summery).
"Product" is spelled with a "c" (not produkt).
Since these words are prominent in the documentation, and at least one
(summary) is to be a critical method, it would be good to clean this up.

The "!" in the paths baffled me (e.g., "!WikiPage").

Why Catalogs distinguish metadata from indices also eludes me.  It
should be explained in the Z/Catalog writeup, but since it's not, it
was there to bother me while I read your description.

It's hazardous to claim a performance advantage without benchmarks.

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