Steve Alexander wrote:
> In the latest Zope source, I've noticed calls to inheritedAttribute in
> the Python code.
> I've found the C source code in ExtensionClass.c, but it doesn't help me
> understand when I should use it from Python, and why.
> *reads more source*
> Ah! About 70 lines further on in ExtensionClass.c:
>    "inheritedAttribute(class,name) -- Get an inherited attribute\n\n"
>    "Get an attribute that would be inherited if the given (extension)\n"
>    "class did not define it.  This method is used when overriding\n"
>    "inherited methods.  It provides 2 advantages over accessing\n"
>    "\n"
>    "attributes directly through a superclass:\n"
>    "\n"
>    "1. The superclass need not be known,\n"
>    "\n"
>    "2. The superclass may be a Python class.  Without this method, it
> would\n"
>    "   be possible to override methods inherited from python classes
> because\n"
>    "   unbound methods gotten from Python classes cannot be called with
> \n"
>    "   extension class instances.  \n"
> Is there some documentation of this on or that
> I've missed?

Probably not.  This is documented in the ExtensionClass

which is also included in the release at:



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