I'm a little confused - which is not unusual, so please bear with me.

I'm absolutely sure that NONE of the things which were broken in the
original Data.fs had the slightest/faintest connection with any of the
products I expunged. It was removing the cruft alone which fixed the

Doesn't this (and the other episode reported by Andy) raise the issue of
what we can do to ensure that a broken product or piece of a product
doesn't stop a healthy product and its instances (completely independent
in the sense of not using any of the broken product's base classes or
classes) from working? 

The instances which were broken were multi-level zclasses which included
ObjectManager and CatalogAware in their base classes. The relevant
products were entirely healthy. The things I got rid of included two
broken things which I never tried to fix (ZDConfera, ZDiscussions) plus
some left over stuff (ZopePTK, PTKBase, PTKDemo, Wizard, Membership,
LoginManager and a few other bits and pieces which I didn't need
although they didn't appear broken..) - none of which had any connection
to the broken zclasses in terms that I can understand - other than
sharing/breaking an otherwise healthy ZODB.

Brian Lloyd wrote:

> >
> > Lesson may be that a Data.fs which works with an earlier zope version
> > may fail when upgrading to 2.2.1 - if so, try
> No - thats not the lesson (at least not the right one)... It looks
> like something in the "cruft" didn't want to be unpickled in the
> new installation (most likely due to a missing piece - a required
> product or base class needed by a piece of cruft didn't get moved
> to the new install). A Data.fs from an earlier version should
> always work with a later version so long as all add-ons are
> replicated in the new installation.
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