Hugo Ramos wrote:
> I've tryied to hack the treetag source already... but there's some kind of
> bug in it:
> line 566 (original source):
> s.append([id,[]])
> Why is this trying to append to 's' when 's' has become a tupple somewhere
> before this line???... tupples don't accept append!!

Yup, I got this too when I tried to make a 'batched tree' by doing a
dtml-tree with the result of a dtml-in.
I gave up...

IMNSHO, dtml-tree needs a big rewrite.

I'd love to do it, but two things are stopping me:

1. Other projects (Swishdot leaps out ;-)

2. As everyone knows what I think already: DTML has 'some problems'. In
the course of solving these, I hope the problems with the tree tag will
go away as a matter of course. that means fixing it now would be a waste
of time ;-)

I dunno, is anything being done to solve the 'DTML problem'?
(there seem to have been a few proposals on dev to help, how are they
getting on?)



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